Creating dynamic and engaging spaces in the leisure industry.

Functional Spaces

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Sunguard Group is your trusted partner in creating dynamic and engaging spaces in the leisure industry. Specialising in renovation and interior fit-outs, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of leisure facilities, from gymnasiums to sports centres, delivering a seamless blend of functionality, aesthetics, and user experience.

Art Galleries & Museums

Art galleries and museums hold a unique place in our services. These spaces require a delicate balance of aesthetic design and practical functionality to effectively showcase art and exhibits while preserving their integrity. We take into account crucial factors like lighting, climate control, and visitor flow in our designs, creating spaces that honour and elevate the work they house.

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Gymnasiums & Fitness Centers

We create gymnasiums and fitness centres that inspire and motivate. We understand the importance of spatial planning in these environments – the need for open workout spaces, the installation of various fitness equipment, and the integration of lockers and shower facilities. Our team designs and delivers spaces that are functional, safe, and inviting.

Sports Centres

Our expertise extends to a diverse range of sports centres. Whether it’s an indoor court, a swimming pool, or a multi-purpose sports complex, we provide renovations and fit-outs that ensure the needs of both athletes and spectators are catered for, whilst always ensuring regulatory compliance.

Partnerships with Local Authorities

We understand the role of local authorities in the leisure sector and have significant experience working alongside them. Our collaborative approach ensures all projects meet local regulations and contribute positively to the community.

Collaboration with Designers

Working with designers is an integral part of our process. This collaboration helps us deliver visually stunning spaces that align with your brand and meet functional requirements. Our team effectively translates design visions into tangible results, balancing creativity with practicality.

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We transform leisure spaces into facilities that boost performance, provide enjoyment, and attract clientele. Contact us today to discuss your renovation or fit-out project.

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