Our comprehensive services are designed to meet the specific needs of commercial spaces, whether it’s a Category A or Category B fit-out.

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The Gold Standard in Commercial Fit-outs

Sunguard Group is the industry leader in creating commercial spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing but are also functional, safe, and cost-effective. With our deep expertise in the commercial sector, especially in constructing and outfitting offices and warehouses, we guarantee that your business environment will be designed to enhance your operation’s efficiency and boost your team’s productivity.

Category A & Category B Fit-Outs

Category A Fit-Outs: Are a basic fit-out where we focus on the fundamental elements to provide you with a finished, empty space which is ready to move into. With raised floors, suspended ceilings, and basic mechanical and electrical services all installed, we provide a blank canvas for your business, which can then be customised to your specific needs.

Category B Fit-Outs: Are where we bring your vision to life, handing over a finished workspace complete with planting, flooring and furniture. Focussing on the final touches and interior elements, including the installation of office partitions, custom-made furniture, branded décor, and more. The result is a space that truly reflects your brand’s ethos and supports your operational needs.

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Bespoke Commercial Space Solutions

Whether you’re seeking a state-of-the-art office space to ignite creativity and innovation, or you require a functional and well-organised warehouse to streamline your logistics, we are well-equipped to deliver tailored solutions that will meet your needs. Our talented designers and experienced engineers collaborate to ensure every square foot of your space is optimised for your business.

Commercial Office Refurbishments

Offices must adapt to our work styles, not vice versa. Our fit-out services consider every design aspect, from aesthetics to acoustics and connectivity, to ensure a functional and attractive workspace.

Streamlined Office Design & Furnishing Services

Through close ties with top furniture and outfitting producers, we offer a seamless solution from office design to custom furnishings. We complete commercial fit-outs to exacting standards, letting you choose your furnishings.

Our versatile solutions, such as movable partitions, adapt to your work style, promoting both teamwork and individual work. Moreover, our striking flooring options blend utility and style, giving your office a unique, impactful look.

Warehouse Fit-Outs & Space Solutions

We provide warehouse refurbishment solutions to businesses of all sizes across the UK. Our offerings encompass everything from pallet racking and mezzanine installations to flooring and complete warehouse overhauls. Since we aren’t affiliated with any specific manufacturer, our guidance remains unbiased and client-focused. We ensure our designs perfectly align with your needs, your team, and your business.

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