Guiding Innovations:
Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team, comprised of seasoned industry experts, drives our commitment to innovation and excellence in the interior fit-out and renovation industry. Their strategic insights and steadfast dedication play a crucial role in creating inspiring and functional spaces.

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Our company is a beacon of innovation in the interior fit-out and renovation industry. We craft inspiring, functional, and sustainable spaces that transcend aesthetics. We’re not just crafting interiors; we’re shaping experiences, always pushing boundaries while delivering exceptional results. 

Lead by principle

“Leadership, to me, is creating spaces that inspire, engage and uplift, while nurturing my team to be empowered to do their best work.”

Leadership | Sunguard Group

Jack Bansal

Managing Director

Our leaderships

David Martin

Contracts Manager
"It's a dynamic environment daily and as we grow throughout the country, our scope to influence contracts and agreements broadens."

Stephen Thomas

Operations Manager
"Every day brings thrilling challenges; as our operations expand across the UK & Europe, so do our opportunities to make a meaningful impact."

Carl Richards

Project Manager
"Each day is filled with exciting projects and as we continue to grow across the country, so do our chances to lead impactful initiatives."

Mark Goodwin

Financial Manager
"The thrill of each day is matched by our growing financial opportunities as we continue to expand throughout the UK and Europe."

Anne Barton

HSQE Manager​
"Every day brings a new exciting challenge in maintaining health, safety, quality, and environment standards."