From Awareness to Action

Charitable Responsibility

We believe that anything is possible when caring, ambitious people come together. We stand firm in advocating and acting for what’s right.

Our Vision

We're proud to collaborate with local and global charities close to our hearts, offering financial support, resources, and volunteer hours to initiatives that resonate with our core values. Through our charitable contributions, we aim to leave a lasting, positive impact, reflecting our ethos of 'Building Better, Together'.

Royal National Institute of Blind People

Creating a World Everyone Can See

The RNIB is a prominent UK charity dedicated to creating a world where there are no barriers for individuals with visual impairments. Established in 1868, the RNIB has a rich history of providing support, advice, and resources for the blind and partially sighted individuals to help them live independent and fulfilling lives.

Fight For Sight

Advancing Eye Health Together

Fight for Sight is a leading UK charity committed to funding innovative eye research. Their mission is to prevent sight loss and treat eye diseases, pioneering a future that everyone can see. By investing in groundbreaking studies on eye health and eye disease prevention, they aim to enhance the lives of those with visual impairments.

Sight Savers

A Future Free from Sight Loss

Sightsavers is an international non-profit dedicated to preventing avoidable blindness and advocating for disability rights. Operating in over 30 countries, they combat eye diseases and support independent living for those with irreversible blindness or disabilities.

Sight Research UK

Advancing Sight Research

Sight Research UK is a leading UK charity committed to combating sight loss through innovative research. They investigate various eye conditions, raise eye health awareness, and are driven by a vision of a future free from sight loss.